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Every Sunday:

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4:00 pm

Every Monday: 

8:00 am  or

4:00 pm or

6:00 pm

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This course is required for all Los Angeles healthcare personnel who work in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, psychiatric hospitals, clinics and retirement homes.

Instructor's  Licence  HC  0092  

​The Hospital Fire Safety Course Covers:

-What to Do in Case of a Fire at Your Hospital 
-Patient Rescue - Including drags and caries
-How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
-Different Types of Fires and How to Control Them 
-Hospital Fire Protection Systems 
-How to Evacuate Safely 
-Home Fire Safety
-Pre-Fire Planning 

This course fulfills the Hospital Fire Safety requirement for the City of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Fire Code Section 57.113.09)

Students who complete this course will receive both a Blue fire card which is valid for 4 years, and a Pink fire card which will be valid for 2 years. Both cards will be issued on the same day of course completion.

What is a Fire Card?

A pink fire card is issued & must read "institutional fire/life safety training"
A blue fire card is issued & must read "hospital fire/life safety training"

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Hospital Fire Safety 

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